World Peace for Life Prelaunching the World Peace Events.

For the first time in history, a benefit world peace event through music will be held by World Peace for Life.

The World Peace Event will be held on ……………………. and tickets are available, click here to buy tickets. The goal to eliminate war and establish conciliation for everyone across the globe, it is an open declaration of peace.

Its purpose is to bring the different races and cultures together as it unites the world through music and inspiration. It intends to bring enlightened leadership, education, as well as human values which are universal.

Kool-Kool & the Gang gives his support to World Peace for Life and Prince Ali for bringing people together in an event for world peace. Browse More Videos
Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith To Prince Ali World Peace Ambassador
Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith as the founder of The Secret, is a spokesperson and ambassador for World Peace For Life and gives his support to Prince Ali.Browse More Videos
Howard McCrary to Prince Ali World Peace Activist
American ambassador and the legend of gospel and jazz Howard mcCrary gives his support to Prince Ali and World Peace for Life.      Browse More Videos
Prince Ali – International Artist/World Peace Activist
Prince Ali, spokesperson for World Peace For Life
Welcomes all to join in bringing change to the planet by choosing Peace in our lives, cities, nations and our world. Rising above our personal, political and religious conflicts, to change the future of humanity. In the name of God and World Peace, lets do this together.
World Peace For Life – Presented by Prince Ali
Prince Ali presents in his video, World Peace for Life and the upcoming World Peace Event 2008. To view more videos go to the videos page.
The United State of America’s Government President Barack Obama
Honering Prince Ali World Peace
I was honord to give speech as a world peace Activist to be part of confidence operation and The President Of United State Barack Obama United We Serve Administration. I am blessed that i was apart of such a great event with the united states congress, senators, world leaders, the LA sherrif’s, the military, the FBI, and the Navy. I was proud to be apart of such a great mission.(Prince Ali)
The United State of America’s Government President Barack Obama,
Speech about Afghanistan Drawdown troops
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest later told reporters
that Obama chose to go with the  Pentagon’s greatest suggested
number of troops.
“The highest recommendation that came into the  President was the
level that the   President announced today,” he said. Defense
Secretary Ashton Carter said in a news conference Thursday that while
the fight in Afghanistan “remains a difficult fight,”  the adjusted force numbers will ensure that the U.S.
can carry out its mission and help Afghans confront the continued challenge posed by the Taliban.
“Today’s decision from the president to adjust our troop presence in Afghanistan honors that sacrifice (of U.S. troops) and gives us a chance to finish what we started,” Carter said at the Pentagon.
RELATED: Bush, Graham slam Obama over Afghanistan withdrawal <>
Obama noted as much when he said that while Afghan forces are “taking the lead” and fighting “bravely and tenaciously,” those forces “are still not as strong as they need to be.”
The U.S. plan is to now maintain 5,500 U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan after a drawdown set to take place in late 2016 or early 2017, more than five times the number of troops previously set to remain in the country at the start of 2017. Only about 1,000 troops had previously been set to remain in Afghanistan at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.
Obama said the 5,500 troops post-drawdown would be based at the U.S. embassy and at military bases in Baghram, Jalalabad and Kandahar.Prince Ali World peace Activist says the United state of Americas president Barack Obama in Nato must increase their troops almost to the maximum level otherwise there will be no peace in Afghanistan.Since has been working in Afghanistan in the past 4 years Prince Ali knows a fact it must be a long term stay for US Military in Afghanistan otherwise Taliban/ Daish and ISI Will be Successful in their Mission Because the Afghan Troops are not capable in fighting for Now.

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