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Prince Ali was born in Afghanistan, as young boy he was raised in Hollywood, California as a U.S. Citizen in,

the United States of America. He knows both countries. To the world Afghanistan, is known for Opium and

War Zones.


The actions of the U.S.A. and the Trump Administration regarding their willingness to TRADE globally have

inspired him to emulate and instill these same values of history & fairness, and doing Good Business in Afghanistan.


Then to America; the “Land of the free and Home of the Brave”, assisted by the United States of America. Prince Ali

found fame and fortune in utilizing his God given talents in the arts.


He has live with eyes wide open, and has been given many awards and citations; having been associated with the

pillars of society, and conversed globally with top government officials; he has hosted events and mingled with the

“Stars of Hollywood and the upper echelon of America society.”

 Prince Ali's Bio - World Peace For Life, Afghanistan 2018

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