The Vision of Munni Irone

She is an humanitarian philanthropist, a celebrity coach, an author of seven books.

The founder of ARTS 4 PEACE is Munni Irone. Humanitarian, Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer and Philanthropist, Munni created the infrastructure to guide people to live an extraordinary life. She founded a rehab center to cure the human short-falls, emotional distress, lack of direction and lack of motivation. She coaches, helps with goal-setting, emotional rescue and sends a life-line to people needing change. In her quest to help others to help themselves, Munni chooses to lead by example.
Munni never got paid for her services. She ask her clients to support any of her charities they like. She is free from attachments. habits and things. She don’t like to preach people, she just wants share her life style of freedom and contentment.


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